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Maximize your health span and age gracefully through mindfulness with Lisa Hamilton, PT, DPT.

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

By Ana Soulia, PT, DPT | Missoula Health and Wellness Conversations

On this episode of Missoula Health and Wellness Conversations I got to sit down and talk with Lisa Hamilton, PT, DPT. Lisa has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a PT, movement instructor, mother, daughter and parter. She is a wonderfully curious human being who has a passion for helping people age well.

She leverages her 32 years of experience as a physical therapist and movement educator of Pilates and Core Align to help her clients increase their health span and maximize longevity through empowering them with self awareness, mindfulness and movement.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The power of treating the whole person with a holistic approach and getting to the root cause especially when working with clients struggling with chronic or persistent issues.

  • How lifestyle factors can be a barrier to progress and the role of Physical Therapists in helping address these issues.

  • The ultimate goal of restoring function of the whole person and empowering them through education.

  • The role stress takes in our lives and how it can affect pain levels in ways you might not expect.

  • Meditation and mindfulness for stress management and connecting body and mind.

  • How words matter and that how we talk to our patients/clients impacts their thoughts, feelings and behaviors and can either boost them up or become a barrier to progress.

  • Embracing the "Woo Woo" (that's really backed by good science).

  • The evolution of understanding how we help create change in our clients through movement.

  • How Pilates exercises and equipment can be used to create novel movement experiences.

  • We discuss getting down to the deepest layer of what our clients want out of their treatment by continuing to ask why.

  • Lisa's "Longevity Project" and her passion for helping clients address the Pilars Of Aging, specifically how they apply to helping clients manage the diagnosis of Osteoporosis and thrive!


Find Lisa on Instagram @lisahamiltonpt and Facebook @Lisa Hamilton - Link to schedule with Lisa Hamilton, PT


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