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Client Success Stories

Below you will find a small collection of reviews from happy clients who found success with our Integrative Approach to Physical Therapy in Missoula, MT. Read what they have to say about how our process is unique and provided results even where other attempts at treatment did not. Read about the results they enjoyed with treatment targeting the source of their pain including: reduced pain, improved mobility, improved strength and return to the active, healthy lifestyle they deserve.

Hiking Mount Jumbo in Missoula Montana

If you're in the Missoula area and would like to find relief from pain, finally heal your nagging injuries or get to the bottom of a physical limitation that is keeping you from doing what you love, click here to request a FREE phone consultation. We're happy to discuss the pain or injury that's holding you back and help you make the best decision about the care you need to get you back to what you need and want to do. 

"I started seeing Ana for an elbow problem I thought it was tennis elbow. Ana evaluated my whole body and soon learned my elbow pain was due my nervous system. Ana explained what was likely causing my elbow pain. She massages a bone behind my ear for twenty minutes and my elbow hasn’t hurt since! She is amazing at what she does and my whole body is better because I’ve been seeing her! Ana is patient, kind, funny, and knowledgable about her field! I highly recommend seeing her!"

— Aimee C.

"I came to Ana with sciatic pain running down my left leg. I try to walk every day, but walking made the pain unbearable. I'd never been to PT before and knew nothing of what to expect. Ana diagnosed that I was walking slumped to the left and forward. Her treatment started at my neck down through my thorax, her touch was minimal and eventually worked to my hip area. I felt some relief after that session. I was shown some stretches for home, which I still do. After session two, I was able to start walking again without hardly any pain. I was still having leg pain after sitting in vehicles. On the 3rd session, Ana applied pressure to the base of my skull, after a few minutes I could feel relief in my left leg all the way down. I came back for a 4th session after a few weeks because I was still having some pain with sitting. Now the vehicle sitting is not an issue. It feels so good to not have any over all back or leg pain. I get up out of bed in the morning and feel no pain what so ever. Thank you Ana for helping me and taking time to listen."

— Jerry E.

In just two sessions, Ana has managed to make me feel ten years younger, if not more. Her ability to dive into the layers of the body and how they connect and work together, has increased my breathing capacity and expanded my flexibility beyond where I ever thought it’d be again. I’ve gone to dozens of doctors over the years in an effort to figure out why it was difficult to take deep breathes even when in good cardiovascular shape. Ana is the first person to put the pieces together and improve my overall function. Highly recommend for anything that ails you, it’s more than just physical therapy or pain management, she gets to the root of the problem.

- Marisa C

Ana is the best physical therapist I have ever encountered. She is interested in truly understanding your concern in the context of your entire body and life. She isn’t content to put a bandaid on the issue with a standard, preset regimen. She takes a creative approach that helps you not just survive but thrive. When I first met her, I had seen doctors, a chiropractor, and other PT’s to address my pain with no improvement. She spent 5 minutes with me and had discovered the core of my issue and offered relief. We went on to address other concerns, and even when not actively doing physical therapy, I still rely on the knowledge she shared to manage recurring issues from my dancing career. Big picture: you can trust Ana to truly care for you.

- Miranda A

Dr. Soulia is a gifted therapist who works to find the cause of physical symptoms. Visits to Dr. Soulia always provides pain relief and a lot of insight into the causes of physical pain or weakness. I highly recommend working with Dr. Soulia to resolve a wide range of physical therapy needs. 

- Nancy T

Ana has been terrific to work with! She truly listens to my concerns and finds successful solutions for me. 

- Kelley H

Dr Soulia has been able to help me where other practitioners have not been able to. Thank You!

-James B. 

Although I have been working with Ana for awhile now for hip issues, she takes time at each visit to check in with me about all my physical issues and any other concerns I have. (Like when I took a major tumble while downhill skiing.) She then works on the issues that are most important to me on that day while also helping my forward momentum over time. Her comprehensive and integrative approach, with kind and careful attention to my current complaints have helped my long term recovery, helped me avoid invasive medical interventions and helped me stay on the slopes. 

-Mary V.

Don't keep doing the same thing expecting different results.

Get on the right path toward healing with a whole body approach that targets the root of your problem for better results.

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