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At Inertia Physiotherapy we believe that movement is medicine but that to really feel better you need to move well. Workouts should leave you breathing better, feeling taller, stronger, more balanced. Ana was fully certified as a STOTT Pilates Rehabilitation Instructor. She utilizes Pilates exercise concepts and equipment in her rehabilitation programs as well as private movement sessions. 


The fundamental principle of STOTT Pilates is that we start with alignment. Your body was designed to work optimally with a stacked and aligned posture. Deviations from optimal are sources of dysfunction and potentially pain. We use props such as blocks, bands and balls to accommodate and support you in the exercises while we work to improve your posture, mobility, strength and body awareness.

Pilates is a mind/body exercise that is rooted in early patterns of motor development. The exercises and basic principles are effective at restoring motor programs that are impaired with episodes of pain, illness, If fear and immobility. 

We utilize equipment in the studio including the reformer, cadillac, barrels and chair to provide clients with a different movement experience than they can achieve on their own at home. We also prescribe personalized home exercises to help preserve the improvement you achieve in the clinic. 

If you are interested in learning more about Pilates for Rehabilitation and how it can help you resolve pain, improve your posture, strength and flexibility, contact us for more information or schedule your free consultation here to learn more. 


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