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What is Pilates Exercise for Rehabilitation?

Pilates exercise for rehabillitation

At Inertia Physiotherapy in Missoula we believe that movement is medicine, but that to really feel better you need to move well, not just often. Pain is the body asking for a change and can be felt as a result of poor movement and posture habits that place too much stress or strain on your joints, ligaments and muscles. Our Physical Therapist Dr. Ana Soulia became a fully certified STOTT Pilates Rehabilitation Instructor because she discovered the power of Pilates for restoring posture, improving movement and flexibility and easing pain as a result. She frequently utilizes Pilates exercise concepts and equipment in rehabilitation programs to help preserve and cement the improvement achieved with hands on treatment in the clinic. 

Pilates is a mind/body exercise that is rooted in early patterns of motor development. It was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century and originally called "Contrology." Pilates is an exercise method that emphasizes breathing, improving coordination, alignment, posture, balance and yes, core strength. An adept instructor can easily adapt Pilates exercises for difficulty from beginner to advance using a range of large and small equipment and props. 


At Inertia Physiotherapy in Missoula, we believe exercise whether for rehabilitation or wellness should leave you breathing better, feeling taller, stronger and more balanced. The fundamental principle of STOTT Pilates is that we start with alignment. We teach you to feel when your body is in your optimal position and when it is not through movement. We use props such as blocks, bands and balls to accommodate and support you in the exercises while we work to improve your posture, mobility, strength and body awareness. The result is you walk away from your sessions feeling empowered with tools you can use during your every day activities to help you move better and feel better. 

At Inertia we utilize Pilates equipment in the studio such as: The Reformer, Cadillac, barrels and Chair to provide clients with a different movement experience than they can achieve on their own at home. We also incorporate Pilates Mat exercises which can be done with small or no special equipment and are perfect for home. 

In addition to Pilates for Rehabilitation, we offer 1:1 Private Movement Sessions. These sessions are perfect for those individuals who have graduated from Physical Therapy but still desire the expert guidance of a physical therapist to help them stay feeling great through movement. These sessions can be tailored to meet specific goals but the client isn't actively injured or needing hands on therapy. If you are interested in Private Movement Sessions but you have not been a physical therapy client at Inertia Physiotherapy, that's ok, inquire anyway. We do require an initial consultation to understand your goals and any pertinent medical history and make sure you are safe to exercise but as long as you're cleared to exercise we'd be happy to help! 

If you are interested in learning more about Pilates for Rehabilitation or Private movement Sessions and how it can help you resolve pain, improve your posture, strength and flexibility. Choose your favorite way to connect (phone, text, email or in person) below and learn more. 

Footwork on the Pilates Reformer
Step back on Pilates Chair
Roll Down with roll down bar
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