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Schedule your FREE Physical Therapy consultation in Missoula today

Discovery sessions are face-to-face consultations with an expert physical therapist either at the Missoula clinic or Online via our Tele-health platform, your choice. 

Schedule your FREE Physical Therapy Consultation in Missoula to gain insight into the primary cause of your pain with no commitments or obligations whatsoever

At your Discovery Session, you will meet your expert Physical Therapist to discuss the pain or injury that is holding you back from what you need and what to do. We'll discuss your goals for treatment and you'll get to ask any questions you might have about the process. We'll do an abbreviated evaluation to gain insight into what is causing your pain or problem.

Together, we'll create a physical therapy treatment plan that can help you get on the right path toward healing so you can get back to the things that you need, want and love to do without pain or limitations. 


For your convenience we offer Online Booking through the link below. If you prefer you can also call, text or email to request a FREE Discovery Session

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