What is Online Physical Therapy?

At Inertia Physiotherapy, we launched Online Physical Therapy early in the COVID-19 pandemic so we could continue to help our community through these unprecedented times. It remains a great option if you need an injury consultation, pain relief or stress management strategies but you aren't comfortable attending appointments in person. You may also see it referred to as: Telehealth, Telemedicine or Video Visits. We use a HIPPA secure platform that is seamlessly integrated with our scheduling software to allow you to have a video conference with your physical therapist. 

Though we value our hands on skills, that doesn't mean there isn't anything you can do to help yourself feel better during this strange time. 

Through Live Video, your Physical Therapist will listen to your story, screen you for any red flag signs that warrant a call to your physician and perform a movement based evaluation as appropriate. You'll also be educated on the evaluation findings. You'll receive recommendations for self treatment strategies including ergonomic and posture adjustments, self release techniques and corrective exercise strategies. 

Your first session is typically the longest at about 60 minutes. Your follow up sessions will likely be shorter and vary in duration and frequency to meet your individual needs. 

With a FREE Online Discovery Session, you don't have anything to lose! We'll talk about your symptoms and your goals, perform a very quick movement screen and make recommendations for whether Online PT is right for you. 

You will want to dress in clothing that is not too baggy and easy to move in so your Physical Therapist can see your posture and movement easily and your movement isn't impaired by your clothing. If you have a shoulder or neck issue please wear a tank top. If you have a knee problem, please wear shorts. 


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