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"Help Montanans achieve natural pain relief to reduce or eliminate reliance on medication, prevent un-necessary medical treatments and support them in living the active, healthy lifestyle they desire"

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Physical Therapy Centered Around:

            Your Story

               Your Goals

               Your Lifestyle

Is Inertia Physiotherapy Right for You? 

Are you in pain and frustrated by lack of improvement or exacerbation of symptoms with other other treatments,  even surgery?

Are you discouraged by your imaging results but not ready to seek more invasive medical treatment? 

Are you more reliant on pain medication or anti-inflammatories than you'd like or are they not as effective as they used to be? 

Are you tired of only getting advice to rest, ice or stop your favorite activity all together?  

Are you frustrated by your lack of ability to progress your strength or mobility practice without suffering new or recurring injuries? 

Are you tired of bargaining your favorite activities away to avoid pain? Do you desire a more active lifestyle with less pain and more freedom to enjoy your favorite things and try new things? 

Inertia Physiotherapy can help you restore hope and confidence in your body so you can enjoy your favorite activities again!

"We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."                                                                 -Albert Einstein


 Integrative Physical Therapy

At Inertia Physiotherapy, integrative physical therapy means we understand that no system in your body works alone. Your head bone really is connected to your foot bone, and where it hurts often isn't why it hurts. This is especially true where standard treatments have failed to provide relief. We believe in your body's innate ability to heal but that sometimes it needs help finding the way. 


We start your journey by taking ample time to listen to your story because we are all a sum of our life experiences. The things that happen to us, even events from our past can be the crucial details that lead to a deeper understanding your unique problem and the solution


The key to finding success starts with an evaluation that looks at the whole person and is tailored to your body and your goals. In order to achieve this, one must understand all the systems of the body and how they are related. We don't just focus on the body part that hurts. We dig deeper to understand why it hurts and treat the problem at the source.


At Inertia Physiotherapy we have invested in becoming experts in this integrative evaluation and the tools needed to treat the right system at the right time.   


This is how we can achieve better results, faster and with fewer visits on average than standard physical therapy. 

"It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than what sort of disease a person has."

Inertia Physiotherapy in Missoula is the only Physical Therapy clinic in the state of Montana where you will find this unique method of whole body evaluation

Conditions we treat at Inertia Physiotherapy

Conditions We Treat

def of Inertia: 

An object in motion will remain in motion and an object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. 

Newton's First Law of Motion


Visceral Manipulation



Neural Manipulation

Neural Manipulation

Functional Dry Needling

ONLINE Physical Therapy

Are you ready to get on the right path to moving better and feeling better? 


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Educational Resources: - Learn more about Visceral and Neural Manipulation and the benefits of these treatments - Learn more about STOTT Pilates philosophies for teaching Pilates


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