What is Visceral Manipulation? 

There is an intrinsic motion within all of our body tissues and organs. Tissues lose their motion when they become inflamed. This can happen for multiple reasons including direct trauma, surgery, infection, illness, poor diet, environmental toxins and emotional stress. The healing process involves local disruption of normal tissue and replacement with relatively inflexible fibers. In essence the local tissue becomes dried out. This can result in loss of motion in the body, musculoskeletal pain, alterations in digestion and more. 

Visceral Manipulation is a manual therapy technique that involves gentle, specifically placed manual pressure that encourages restoration of normal mobility, motility and tone of the abdominal organs and their connective tissues. It is effective as a primary or complimentary treatment for: 

  • Musculoskeletal pain including: low back, pelvic, hip, shoulder and neck pain, headaches and whiplash, 

  • Gastrointestinal Problems: Constipation and Bloating, Diarrhea, Reflux, IBS

  • Pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Post-operative scar tissue

  • Post-infection scar tissue

  • Post-operative gastrointestinal difficulty due to decreased motility following anesthesia for any surgery. 

Functional improvement with Visceral Manipulation: 

Full disclosure, this is me, but undeniable personal experiences are a driving force behind how and why my practice has evolved to where it is today. Outcomes like this are why I feel so passionate about sharing this potentially life changing therapy with my community.  


I learned in PT school that I didn't have full hip extension. I never knew why and can't really remember a time when I had full hip range of motion. I wish I had a before video, but what I can tell you is I had no hip extension. I substituted with my low back and pelvis and always had a tight lower back. The before video would have shown my thigh never leaving the ground. Now, I can feel hip moving independent of my low back and pelvis and I can feel my glute working. 

I have stretched my hip flexors in so many ways for the past 15 + years and never felt like it made much of a difference. What little gains I would make would be lost if I got less diligent or even made my legs sore from a hard run.  

After finding Visceral Manipulation, many of the restrictions I've fought in my body for decades are melting away without effort, this is one powerful example.

It isn't magic, it's just a deeper understanding of the whole body not just the shell and a targeted treatment on the tissues that needed the most help. If you're in my situation, stretching just to maintain and getting frustrated,  there's a better way. Maybe it's Visceral Manipulation, maybe it isn't but there's only one way to find out.  


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